General terms and conditions of sale

“I agree to search in the most far-flung corners of Germany, even though I’d rather be fishing in the Bahamas,

to give you everything you need to be able to show off your beautiful car in front of your friends… or enemies:

  • Provisional registration document
  • Temporary export plates
  • European certificate of conformity
  • Service history
  • User manual (in French, this is a chargeable option), you can also order one from a French dealer or on the internet.

A car with 4 wheels, a steering wheel, a key and a roof (this is important in case it rains)…

…Everything else is just superfluous!

If you are not satisfied with me, you can choose the punishment I deserve!

You agree to be precise in your research, so you don’t end up driving a 403! (Even though that could be good too!)

You agree to respect professional transparency: if you change your mind, I understand = that said, as soon as a contract is signed and returned to the dealership, you are committed to it firmly.”

Warranty vehicule : the vehicle is guaranteed by the seller or a warranty may be purchased as an additional option.

Fees : commission, travel, fuel and tolls must be paid by bank transfer before the vehicle is delivered or in cash when the vehicle is delivered.

Company registration